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I’m what you’d call an ‘idea merchant’, a term coined by one of my personal mentors, Seth Godin. I thrive on being an ideas guy, someone who can develop something from nothing, who lives for the challenge of making things bigger, better and more purposeful. It is this quest for constant innovation that first propelled me on my entrepreneurial journey back in 2003, and thanks to the highly skilled group of professionals that I surround myself with, I haven’t stopped developing, innovating and thriving.

After reaching out to Seth once, he gave me a piece of advice that still plays true in both my personal and professional lives, and something that all entrepreneurs should fully understand: “Small wins lead to big ones.” Simple yet significant, these wise words are a constant reminder that success isn’t achieved by leaps and bounds, but rather by small steps taken in the right direction.

Success Defined By Me

“Success is achieved through a series of fortunate circumstances combined with hard work, time, determination, patience and positive intentions, all of which ultimately lead to a genuine mindset to live life led by love rather than ego.”

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Dragons' Den

In 2010, I had the truly unforgettable experience of presenting my first product – the HANDI-TRAY – to a bunch of fire-breathing investors on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Watch the full pitch here.


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